Le Turtleneck

Or otherwise known as le pull col roulé. Turtlenecks are everywhere this winter and come in many shapes and sizes from oversized sweaters to tight bodysuits and many more. Izzy and I have invested in a few quality sweaters from both Iro and Maje but nothing can beat a Topshop body suit. Turtlenecks are definitely one of the most practical trends to wear in  winter (cropped-frayed jeans in 30 degree weather, no thanks) and can easily be dressed up or down. Pair with black or denim overalls, dress up with a pair of winter white jeans, or throw on a leather jacket in order to stay warm and still look chic. I find that wearing your hair up perfectly compliments the oversized, high-neck fit of a turtleneck. It also doesn’t add any more unnecessary bulk to the look. Overall if you aren’t rocking a turtleneck sweater this winter, it’s time to start. Also, stay tuned for an updated “Places to Snack, Eat, and Hangout” list later this week.



Outfit 1: Topshop overalls, Iro turtleneck sweaterAdidas Stan Smith’s

Outfit 2: Maje turtleneck sweater, Paige jeansReport Signature booties

Outfit 3: Topshop bodysuit, Topshop jeans, Adidas bomber jacketAdidas Stan Smith’s



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  1. Love this!!! Amazing xx


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