Summer Adventures: Part 1

We couldn’t wait for school to finish so we could top up our tans and escape the Parisienne city life. So we did what any sun-worshipper would do and headed straight to Spain. Our first stop was in Madrid and while we didn’t get any sun bathing time there we definitely did our fair share of walking in the heat. We spent three days in Madrid exploring different parts of the city and the museums while also frequenting traditional Spanish restaurants. The Mercado de San Antón had a little something for everyone in the lower levels of the renovated market place but the restaurant and bar situated on the upper level had a lively atmosphere and amazing food. After being on our feet for three days we were craving a much needed beach/pool scene for some R and R.  The plane landed in Ibiza and we headed straight to the pool, grabbing a mojito on the way. Other than topping up our tans, we visited the always beautiful Experimental Beach Club at sunset for the best views on the island. After zooming around Ibiza for four days, and even popping over to the island of Formentera for the day, we headed back to London before we were off to Paris again for a few weeks. Look out for Summer Adventures Part 2 coming soon!



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